ENTA Plastic | R & D
Product and mold design R & D works to develop competitive products in the packaging and medical sectors.

In our product R & D department;

  • High functionality,
  • Material and production cost is low,
  • Reliable,
  • High productivity,
  • We are developing environmentally friendly products.

In our mold R & D department;

  • Short cycle time,
  • Low energy consumption,
  • Long working life,
  • We are developing molds with lower machine costs.

In line with the demands of our customers, we design the product ideas firstly with the appropriate design and production-specific solutions and then help to industrialize their products. With years of experience and the newest CAD / CAM / CAE programs we use, we can reflect our expertise in the development process from design to production. In Enta Plastik, 3D design, Solidworks and CAD programs are used for analysis and simulations using the MoldFlow CAE program.

As Enta Plastik, we are pleased to present our feasibility studies and technological applications to our customers.

In general, our work:

Feasibility Studies
Project Planning
Analysis and Simulations
Determination of Injection Molding Machine and Peripherals
Fireproof Plastic Pallet Production